Industry-Leading Gas Services

Helping Partners Deliver Gas Safely and Efficiently

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Pike Gas supports utilities in meeting their community’s energy needs. We focus on safety, quality and system longevity through the highest-quality resources and comprehensive pipeline installation and testing.

Natural Gas Main and Service Infrastructure Installation and Abandonment

Pike Gas provides support to bring systems online, safely and efficiently. We install and place in service polyethylene and steel gas services and mains (3/4-inch through 12-inch), as well as purging, sealing and retiring pipelines from service.

Our teams have expertise in every step of the process.


District Regulator Stations & Farm Taps

Pike Gas provides expertise in the fabrication, installation and replacement of district regulator stations and farm taps.

Our teams develop and implement tailor-built systems that meet our clients’ unique design criteria. We carefully identify and consider all factors to ensure safe and reliable natural gas service, no matter the scenario.

We also perform regulator station upgrades that will keep systems running strong, including retrofitting existing stations with new inlet and outlet valves.

Large Replacement Projects

Pike Gas can make ambitious system replacement and modernization programs a reality.

We perform replacement services, with projects typically involving thousands of feet of main replacement, service tie-overs, regulator station replacements or removals.


Inline Valve Integrity Management

Pike Gas has deep experience in meeting integrity management program requirements.

We offer a full suite of inline valve integrity management services, including installation, testing, inspection, replacement and removal.

Joint Trench Work

Pike Gas is a subsidiary of Pike Corporation, a leading provider of turnkey infrastructure solutions for electric utilities, engineering and telecommunications companies with over 75 years of experience.

Our teams bring significant experience and expertise in joint trench work spanning gas, electric and telecommunications. We coordinate with all project stakeholders — including contractors, developers, utilities and telecommunications companies — to guarantee we meet our clients’ unique circumstances.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pike Gas installs underground piping, even when conventional trenching and excavating isn’t possible.

Our teams bring years of expertise in horizontal directional drilling. Pike Gas has performed bores up to 4,000 feet in length for custom projects and specialize in traversing challenging topography, all while meeting environmental challenges and minimizing surface disturbances.

Clay, silt, sand or rock — we get the job done so our clients can continue to provide safe, reliable gas service to their customers.

Steel Tapping & Stopping

Pike Gas has the know-how to safely connect to an existing pipeline for emergency and routine work, all without interrupting the client’s operations.

We offer steel tapping and stopping capabilities up to 8-inch at 275 psi.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Projects

Pike Gas helps our partners stay at the forefront and on pace with industry trends like implementing renewable natural gas (RNG).

RNG is sustainable, pipeline-quality gas that is created by capturing waste methane from sources like landfills, farms and food waste, and is blended with conventional natural gas.

Our rich industry experience and range of equipment allows our teams to deliver RNG projects of any size, safely and efficiently.