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We plan and implement each of our projects — no matter how big or small — with keen attention to detail and the highest level of professionalism, which is why we have never lost a customer. We get the job done on time, and on budget.

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Long-Term Partnerships

From installing brand new natural gas mains to improving existing systems, Pike Gas has years of experience providing construction and maintenance services for natural gas distribution systems.

Based on our safety record, quality, productivity and cost, Pike Gas has multi-state contracts for natural gas main installation (polyethylene and steel), system improvement, service installation and black plastic and bare steel replacement. As an end-to-end provider, our team can provide parcel research and service replacements, horizontal directional drilling, district regulator stations, pipeline integrity, and inspection and quality assurance/quality control.

Investor-Owned Utility: Relocation Project

Pike Gas installed approximately 9,000 feet of 12-inch steel mainline as part of a bridge replacement. For this project the team used a 4,000-foot horizontal directional drill (HDD) bore underneath an intercoastal waterway. Using precision vacuum transportation technology, the team lifted the 12-inch pipe mechanically, allowing crews to avoid being exposed to the potential safety hazards of otherwise handling the pipes manually. In addition, all welding has been X-rayed, and over 150 physical joints have been welded to date without a single repair needed.

Municipal Utility: Residential Replacement Project

Pike Gas has extensive experience serving municipal utilities with regulator station retrofits and main replacements, both polyethylene and steel pipes, including service tie-overs and station removals. Our municipal utility experience includes significant work in both neighborhood (suburban and rural) and downtown areas.

For a municipal utility client in the South, the team replaced two natural gas steel systems with polyethylene pipes. We replaced approximately 20 miles of 2-8-inch plastic main lines and over 2,700 service lines in existing residential neighborhoods.